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Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Paper?

Cats are the kings and queens of sitting on things. They will often sit on any surface, from your lap to your laptop. They like to sit on your bed or will have a favourite chair, to less conventional areas, such as on top of a cupboard or a refrigerator.

But there is one common household item you might have yet to consider – why do cats like to sit on paper?

It’s Comforting

The most obvious answer is the texture of the paper can be comforting for a cat, and the softness and warmth of paper feels good against their fur.

Paper is also an insulator and reflects their body heat at them, which they’re used to feeling when they are curled up with their mother or siblings.

So they may like sitting on paper because it reminds them of being in utero or snuggling up to mum with their brothers and sisters as kittens.

This Is Mine

Why cats sit on paper

A cat’s territory is significant to them as it gives them security. It’s their space, and they want to ensure everyone knows it belongs to them. When a cat sits on paper, it’s marking its territory so other cats know it is theirs and no one else can use it.

Cats are also comforted by putting their scent in as many places as possible, which is why cats rub their necks and bodies on multiple surfaces. You might notice your cat sitting on papers or other items around the house, and they may be trying to claim their territory by leaving their scent there.

They have glands in their paws and other parts of their bodies that secrete pheromones, which are chemicals that convey information about them as individuals. When cats rub against objects like furniture or walls, they leave behind these pheromones so other cats know who owns what territory – and who should stay away.

Is It The Smell Of The Paper?

Cats have a good sense of smell and can detect scents we can’t. Do you know how sometimes your cat will sit somewhere and stare at something for no reason? Well, they could likely be smelling something there that humans can’t.

They can also detect odours we can’t even after the source is gone. It’s possible that your cat likes the smell of paper for its own merit, or it’s perhaps smelling its human companions on the paper and is attracted to that.

Are They Attention Seeking?

Anyone with a cat knows they like to grab their owner’s attention whenever possible. Is sitting on paper fun and exciting, and are they trying to get owners to interact with them somehow?

Your moggy is a playful animal, so it’s not surprising that they would want their owners’ attention this way and what better way for a cat to get its owner’s attention than by sitting on something?

And if that isn’t enough incentive, think about how much praise we give our cats when they do anything cute.

Cat sitting on paper

Cats Have Their Reasons Best Known To Themselves

Our feline companions might be the perfect pet, but they are mysterious creatures, and it’s fair to assume they do things simply because they want to. Though their reasoning is often much more complex than that – and even if you could understand them, cats don’t always act in ways that make sense to us humans.

Why Cats Sit On Paper

Cats are known for their love of paper. They will sit on it, scratch it and rip it up. It may be just because they like the texture or feel of the material though there may be reasons that go deep into feline instinctual behaviour. 

We humans will need to learn to speak “cat” better before we actually know, and until then, we should enjoy their paper-related antics, which are entertaining, to say the least.