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Seven Reasons Why Cats Make The Perfect Pet

Research show domestication of cats first happened in Ancient Egypt around 3,100 BC. Since then, they have become immensely popular as house pets, with over 70 standardized cat breeds officially recognized today.

There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of an affectionate cat who’s quite happy to curl up on the lap of their favorite human or cuddle up next to them. Here are seven reasons why, for those of us who love cats, they make the perfect house pet.

Cats Are Independent

Unlike our dogs, adult cats are quite content to be left alone all day. Kittens can be a bit more problematic on this point since they are far more active than adult cats and to be kept away from trouble. While being super cute, Kittens frequently investigate new territory and playthings, including your furniture, rugs, slippers, headphone, or iPhone cables.

Although independent creatures, depending on their sociability and temperament, cats usually get along well with other household animals. However, care is required when introducing another new adult cat into a household where there is an existing pet since cats can be territorial and sometimes view another cat as a rival for their human’s attention.

Your cat will roam around inside the house, or you may wish them to be outdoor/indoor pets. A cat flap can easily be installed in a door or window so that your cat can come and go as they wish.

Cats Are Low Maintenance

Why Cats Make The Perfect Pet - Cats Are Low Maintenance
Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Adult cats tend to sleep for many hours every day, a boon for anyone working outside the house or has to leave home for extended periods. Leave food, water, and a few toys for them, and in a cat-proofed place, they are more than happy to do their own thing. They don’t need to be walked every day, like dogs.

Cats, whether kittens or adults, eat relatively little and, commonly, they prefer one type of food. Cat kibble is relatively inexpensive, ranging from around $0.25 per day up to $7 if you want to spoil your moggy. Dry food is relatively easy to source, store, and serve. Cats don’t drink very much and are clean eaters who do not throw their food around.

You don’t need to buy expensive cat toys. All cat owners will tell you they are more than happy to hop in and out of the wash basket on the floor, paper bags, blankets, or a cardboard box.

If your cat will use a cat scratch post, this is advisable as even an adult cat will scratch rugs, mattresses, furniture. You may need to cut their nails regularly to minimize the damage this can cause but please never, ever declaw your cat as this creates constant, lifelong pain for the cat.

You don’t need to get up extra early on a rainy, cold day to walk your cat. Even an adult cat will have their periods of activity, but they will be content to sleep for much of the day. 12 to 16 hours a day of catnapping is regular, and cats tend to favor night-time activity.

Cats Love Cleanliness

Why Cats Make The Perfect Pet - Cat's Love Cleanliness

Cats are naturally clean animals. They do not need baths, and indeed, most cats do not like water. Many cats enjoy drinking from dripping water from baths and sinks rather than their water bowl.

Providing a litter tray is kept relatively clean and odor-free, cats are more than happy to use the litter tray whenever they need to. They pick this habit early on in kittenhood and cover up what’s in the tray after using it. The best form of litter is clumping litter, which makes a litter tray easier to clean.

Cats clean and groom themselves obsessively, and a healthy cat will have clean, soft, unmatted, silky fur. Long-haired cats will need some grooming, such as brushing with a special brush, which they seem to enjoy.

Cats Keep Away Pests

Household cats love to catch moths and chase other insects, including flies or cockroaches. A house or garden cat will also keep away mice and rats from your property. Even if your feline friend is a lazy lump and you doubt their instinctive hunting abilities, their scent and pheromones will be enough of a warning for rodents to stay away, and that danger is imminent.

Cats Are Lucky

Why Cats Make The Perfect Pet - Cats Are Lucky
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Ancient Egyptians viewed cats as bringing good luck and keeping away evil, while Europeans believed cats were essential to a good harvest crop.

Cats would embark on sea voyages since sailors considered cats to bring good luck while wives kept a cat at home, hoping they would influence their husbands’ safe return.

When a black cat crosses your path in Britain, it is said to bring prosperity and wealth. Many other countries, such as Japan, also view cats as being good omens or lucky charms.

Cats Have A Great Temperament

Some felines are more “clingy” than other breeds, such as Siamese, Ragdolls, Scottish Fold, and Persians. If you don’t want such affection, choose a breed that’s more aloof such as the British Shorthair, who can take or leave company whenever they choose to.

All cats are naturally independent and not as loyal or demanding in this respect as dogs. Cats will meow for affection and attention. Again, the amount of “voice” depends on the breed. Cats, however, do enjoy attention from their human companions.

The Medical Benefits Of Caring For A Cat

Why Cats Make The Perfect Pet - Medical Benefits
Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

Caring for a cat teaches a human to be compassionate and giving. Simultaneously, scientific research has shown that looking after a feline friend provides a human with up to one-third decreased risk of a heart attack over those without a cat in their home.

Owing a cat makes a human more compassionate, in touch with their feelings, and kind. The act of stroking a cat is known to lower blood pressure and emit positive endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine.

A lonely elderly or single person who has a cat has someone to talk to, and they do answer back with meows and vocalization. All cats have very individual personalities and bring much pleasure, entertainment, and happiness to those who care for them.